Commonly Asked Questions

How Long Does Swelling Last?

Swelling depends on the person and the amount injected.
However by rule of thumb, the major swelling will start to go down within 3- 4 days, and residual swelling with last up to 14 days. 
Therefore it will take 14 days for you to see your finished results.

Can I Change My Mind On The Day & Have 0.5ml Instead of 1ml?

Yes it doesnt matter whether you book 0.5ml or 1ml. After we go through the consultation we can discuss using more or less to suit your lip shape and desired amount.

Will I Peel After My Chemical Peel?

The Peels we use are classed as a superficial peel, therefore you wont experience extreme peeling of the skin.
However you may experience mild subtle peeling in your dry areas, such as around the nose or mouth and chin.
The dry period after a chemical peel usually lasts around 14 days whilst the skin is turning over skin cells to make way for the new skin.

Does Having Lip Filler Hurt?

Everyone has different pain thresholds, but the majority of our clients say the treatment is more of a discomfort rather than pain.
We numb the lips prior with topical anaesthetic and reccomend you pre numbing yourself before you arrive if your worried about the feeling. 


How Can I Book With Dr. Jonathan

Please fill out the 'Contact Us' section with your full name and i will pass it over to him to contact you direct.

I Think I Have Migration, Can I Still Have My Lips Done?

Book a 15 minute consultation with us on the booking link, that way i can see you in person and assess what needs to be done.
If dissolving needs to happen, we can patch test you and arrange an appointment from there.

Do You Offer Lip Masterclasses?

Training & 1-1 Masterclasses will be coming soon.

How Do I Book?

Click the BOOK NOW button on the website and it will take you to our booking list, this is where you can view the price list and book and manage your own appointments.


I Want Facial Filler, But Not Sure What I Need?

Dont worry about that, this is part of our job.
I always recommend booking a consultation beforehand so we can discuss facial balancing and profiling, asses what you need and what amount is needed to achieve the desired look.

I Have Bad Skin Right Now, What Skin Treatments Should I Book?

Again, if you are unsure what to book, please either send me a message in the 'Contact Us' form with what skin concern you have and we can help from there, or you can book a consultation to see us in person.

Do You Sell Any Skin Products?

We Stock both Medik8, a medical grade skincare brand, as well Dermalogica at Loveleigh.

For any advice on what to buy, both Ashleigh & Rachel at Loveleigh can help recomend products suitable for your skin concern.

Can I Have My Lips & Facial Done On The Same Day?

Ideally we like to split these treatments at least a week apart to ensure we do not aggravate any swelling from the lip enhancement.